The RV Lifestyle: The Most Affordable Way to Vacation

There was a time when RV travel seemed like a pastime for retirees. That time is long gone. With airfare, gas & hotel costs rising, more young couples and families are getting creative and looking for enjoyable getaways that won’t break their budget. Cue RV road trips! This option is both affordable and adventurous. 

Peak RV season is fast approaching, and so is the time to plan summer vacations. If the prospect of footing the bill for flights, hotel rooms, food and activities for the whole family is daunting, it may be time to examine the many advantages of the RV life! All these costs are significantly cut when you vacation in a travel trailer. When you get hooked on the lifestyle (yes, we said when not if), purchasing your own new or used RV will be an investment in years of travelling and priceless family memories on the road– an investment that will also prove to be overwhelmingly more cost-efficient in the long term.

Hotels vs. RV

Did you know that the average hotel room price for a single night has skyrocketed more than 200% in the last three years? The average hotel cost for a week in Canada is $963 before taxes and fees. 

The cost of some prime campgrounds may seem high at first glance (upwards of $60 per night), but that expense pales in comparison to booking a mid-range hotel room during peak vacation season when kids are off from school. Moreover, there are plenty of inexpensive or even free public areas where you can park your motorhome! 

Having your own kitchenette will also reduce the cost of meals. Staying in a hotel requires you to eat out at least twice a day, which can seriously add up (especially for a big family). The option to cook some of your own meals is a considerable cost-cutter.

You will find, too, that travelling by RV can save money on activities. After booking a hotel, you still need to dish out for activities and entertainment. When you set up camp in a national park, however, the small cost you’ve paid for your campsite usually includes access to everything the park has to offer. There will obviously be days when you still pay a little extra for recreation, but generally, RV camping is the main activity. 

Need some ideas? Check out this list of things to do while camping!

Even without the reduced cost of food and activities, RV travel can drastically cut or even eliminate the cost of accommodation for your family holiday. 

Airfare vs. RV

You’re right; gas is expensive these days. But the cost of fuel also affects the price of air travel. Indeed, families looking to embark on a journey together know all too well the steep costs of airfare– potentially thousands of dollars! And your transportation expenses don’t end there. Once you land, you may have to rent a car to get around, or be at the mercy of local taxis and lift services. You can save some serious cash simply by buying gas for your RV instead. Avoid rental car fees and the hassle of arranging transportation at your destination. In your own vehicle, you cut so many costly and stressful factors from the equation. 

Freedom All The Way

Enjoy unparalleled freedom and flexibility with RV travel! Forget airport lineups, delays and surcharges. Stop when you want to explore an area; stay until your heart’s content or keep going for as long as you’d like – You are in the driver’s seat. Experience road trips spontaneously; take detours that surprise even yourself… Who knows what kind of amazing sights await? Imagine being free from obligations and not stressing about making it to your hotel each night. Imagine making an in-the-moment itinerary change that becomes the trip’s highlight. With RV travel, you’ll find that often the journey ends up being just as memorable (and affordable) as the destination itself!

The Gift Of Canada

Of course, we realize that you cannot get in your RV and end up in Bali or Spain. The world is vast and beautiful, and it is a gift to be able to explore it. However, these big overseas trips are expensive and only happen rarely for most people.  

It is essential to appreciate the beauty and excitement that Canada has to offer, too! The possibilities are endless, from dramatic coastlines and snowcapped mountains to vibrant cities teeming with culture. With RV travelling comes opportunity; go wherever life takes you on the open road without leaving the comforts of home behind. Embark on spontaneous trips or plan out destinations along the way– it’s all up to you!

Camping in your backyard may seem underwhelming compared to a trip to Mexico, but when owning an RV transforms all of North America into your backyard, the exciting vacation possibilities become infinite.

An Investment As Mobile As Your Lifestyle!

In buying an RV, you are investing in your family’s ability to create infinite vacation possibilities. 

RV travel comes with all of the comforts of home, saves you thousands on travel and accommodations, and unlocks unique experiences for you and your family. Yes, it may require a significant up-front investment, but having access to hidden gems – spots that plane tickets can’t get you – makes it worthwhile. Take a chance on the road less travelled and make memories that last forever! 

Let us help you find the perfect RV for your goals! Our mission at Primo RV Centre is to maximize our customers’ (new & experienced RVers alike) enjoyment of their leisure time through the RV Lifestyle. Whatever that lifestyle means to you, we guarantee a hassle-free shopping experience, world-class personal service & industry-leading innovative products – regardless of your budget and level of expertise.

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