Why Choosing a 2024 Model is Your Best Bet

When it comes to investing in a recreational vehicle, choosing the right model year can significantly affect both your wallet and your overall RV experience. At Primo RV Centre, we’re often asked whether it’s a smart move to purchase an older, discounted RV model. With the 2024 model year well underway, we want to highlight why opting for the latest model could be the best decision for your adventurous lifestyle.

The Cost of Depreciation: What You Need to Know

The moment an RV rolls off the lot, it begins to depreciate. A 2022 or 2023 model, even if it hasn’t seen much of the road, has already lost value simply due to the passage of time. While these vehicles may come with enticing price tags, it’s important to consider the bigger financial picture.

For instance, a significant decrease in the RV’s value might make it seem like a good deal initially. However, the truth is that this depreciation impacts the overall cost-effectiveness of your purchase. Buying a model that’s already two to three years old means you’ll face a steeper depreciation curve as soon as you take ownership, diminishing your investment more quickly than you might expect and potentially  increasing the overall cost of ownership significantly.

Warranty Woes with Older Models

Another critical factor to consider is the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties are designed to give new owners peace of mind, covering major repairs and faulty components that might emerge. However, for an RV that has been sitting unsold for a couple of years, warranty coverage could be compromised.  Certain conditions, especially those related to how the vehicle has been stored and maintained, may not be covered under the warranty if the RV has been dormant for an extended period. This is especially true when it comes to items such as the sealants used on the roof and the seams at the corners of the RV.  If the dealer does not have a regular maintenance program for older inventory on their lot, to check and maintain the condition of the sealants,  any issues that arise as a result of water intrusion are deemed a “dealer maintenance” issue by the manufacturer and not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  Items like this could lead to unexpected out-of-pocket expenses for maintenance and repairs, which are not just frustrating but can also add considerably to the total cost of ownership.

The Advantage of Newer Models

At Primo RV Centre, we recommend our customers consider the latest models, such as fresh 2024 RVs. Here’s why:

  1. Cutting-Edge Features and Technology: The RV industry is continuously evolving, with advancements in technology and comfort. The 2024 models come equipped with the latest features that enhance safety, efficiency, and the overall camping experience.  This includes additional cutting edge camper friendly features and options and more luxurious interiors, making newer models stand out distinctly.
  2. Comparable Pricing (And Sometimes Lower Pricing): Interestingly, when you compare the prices, a 2024 model is similarly priced to what you might pay for a 2022 or a 2023 model that is on ”clearance”. As the logistic issues during Covid, that led to higher component prices and in turn higher RV prices, have been fixed, 2024 models are less costly to the dealer and in turn to the consumer.  This is especially true here at Primo RV, where we ensure that all discounts are passed along to our clients and our pricing reflects the best value for our customers, allowing you to enjoy the latest innovations for a price that matches older models.  Also, when financing, any additional minor cost differences for 2024 will result in an almost negligible difference to the payment. 
  3. Full Warranty Coverage: Opting for a 2024 RV means you benefit from full manufacturer warranties. This comprehensive coverage ensures that any defects or issues are handled without any additional cost to you, providing a worry-free ownership experience.
  4. Lower Lifetime Maintenance Costs.  When buying a new 2022 or 2023 certain components have a limited shelf life that will have to be replaced earlier in the ownership cycle than would otherwise be required on a new 2024.  Several components, such as the tires for example, have a 5-year life expectancy before the manufacturer recommends that they be replaced due to safety concerns, including the rubber degrading from exposure to the elements.  Another example is certain safety features such as LPG (Propane) Leak Detectors and CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors likewise need to be replaced every 5 years. For example, a 2022 model year unit that was built in 2021 would have the above-mentioned components that are now over 3 years old and will need to be replaced within the next 24 months.  These earlier out of pocket maintenance expenses will result in a higher overall cost of RV ownership. 
  5. Higher Resale Value: Should you decide to sell your RV in the future, a newer model will invariably hold its value better than an older one. This aspect of overall cost RV ownership is often overlooked but is crucial for those who like to upgrade or change their vehicles every few years.
  6. With a higher level of build quality, a full-service life cycle of all the RV’s components, full warranties, additional camper friendly features and overall lower ownership costs, the 2024’s represent a more valuable and secure investment in your leisure time and leisure activities.

Primo RV: Your Partner in Freedom

Choosing the right RV should be about balancing cost, comfort, technology, and peace of mind. At Primo RV Centre, we don’t just sell RVs; we provide our customers with the freedom to explore, the comfort to relax, and the assurance that they’ve made a financially sound decision.

We invite you to visit us and see the range of new 2024 RVs we have in stock, available with low budget-friendly financing OAC. Don’t settle for outdated models when you can enjoy the latest advancements in RV technology and design.

Primo RV – Freedom Awaits™

Embark on your next camping adventure with confidence by choosing a 2024 RV from Primo RV Centre. Experience the latest in RV technology and enjoy the security of full manufacturer warranties. Visit us today, and let us help you find the perfect RV that meets your adventurous spirit and budget.

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